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Made in France,

Responsible child design ...

and present in boutiques, concept stores and decoration showrooms ...

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The little resisters

Simplify the life of parents who want to consume differently but who are not sure how. 
So if you are tired of scrutinizing the labels and looking for "made in" products as close as possible, you can relax, we have done the job for you! 
Les Petits Résistants presents a selection of products from beautiful, committed brands.

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Deco showroom in Orléans, France.

BØ HOME is a  SHOWROOM private deco (individual house builder)  to optimize the overall cost of your home.

BØ HOME is a selection of trendy, innovative and design products.



The purpose of the marketplace is to highlight talented French artisans and to change our consumption patterns by facilitating access to products made in France.  

A fine selection of trendy products is carried out in order to simplify access to marks of talent and committed to responsible consumption, local and benevolent. 

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Concept store déco à Attignat, (01) France.

Astrantia est une boutique de décoration et ameublement, où se mêle design et décoration de grands noms, créateurs, designers locaux et artisanat Français. Retrouvez parmi la sélection, du mobilier et des luminaires made in France. 

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The Creators Workshop

L'Atelier des Créateurs is a marketplace committed to promoting and promoting the know-how of French brands and craftsmen .


We select creations and products resulting from the transformation of raw materials or an existing object by means of a particular know-how . Like us, select the exceptional!

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