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From our history

"My desire is to bring people together, to allow the creation of unforgettable family memories." Jessica.

The  Genesis  : A MOM'S STORY

"I am Jessica,  creator of the TATAPPY brand,  Formerly the design manager of a major French consumer goods brand then an Innovation consultant, I created the TATAPPY brand and collection in 2020.

It all started when my son Léandre was born. I realized that the solutions of ground games and free motor skills were no longer adapted to new ways of living with the family.

Play mat too small and not very scalable over time, playpen without family sharing: I then opted for alternative solutions ... plaid, bedspread, quilt put on the ground, a little "camping" and not very deco. In addition, the child is found in the center of the living room and the living room takes on the air of a child's room.  

I wish then for all my tribe  thermal and postural comfort, an XL, decorative, modular solution to create a place of life, of gathering, like a totem pole where the whole family meets for moments of well-being and sharing. "  

The carpet solution for living  was born :  comfortable, washable, modular, durable and decorative for the whole family.

It is a space of play, of disconnection, of relaxation and of reconnection with one's loved ones.

Let go!

Less tablet,  more somersaults :-))

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